Spring flower walk

On Saturday 22nd March, we’ll be having a 2 hour ‘spring flower walk’ to see what is emerging on the Hangers. We’re fairly confident of primroses and wild garlic, but there should be others too. Meet at Sheet Common by All Saints Church at 2pm, or if you’re walking up from Petersfield meet by the Hangers Way sign by White Rose Garage, Station Rd at 1.30pm.

Part of building a sustainable community is building awareness of other living things in our environment. This walk is a small contribution towards this.


Local Food Roots


Our next Green film evening will be on Thursday 20th March, when we’ll be showing ‘Local Food Roots’, about the emergence of the local food movement in the UK in the last ten years. To make it even more local, we’ll also have a presentation about the first year of the Good Life Community Garden in Sheet, and hopefully speakers to lead a discussion

Local food is something we have worked on as a group in various ways and this will be a chance to take stock, seek inspiration, and consider how we can go forward. Again, to cover the cost of the film and room hire we’ll be asking for £4 (£2 concessions) admission


Our February  film is ‘H2Oil’ about the extraction of oil from tar sands in Alberta and the environmental effects ; there’s lots more info on the site at http://h2oildoc.com/home/


We’ll be showing it at 7.30 pm on Thursday 20th February at Winton House, High St Petersfield, admission £4 or £2 concessions. As you may notice, we’re trying to alternate films about the damage we’re doing with more inspirational films.

February newsletter

Our February newsletter has just gone out. here’s a link: GPNewsletter88

Green films : In Transition 2

image of the dvd cover

Our first Green Film for 2014 will be ‘In Transition 2’, about the development of the Transition Towns movement. It will be on Thursday 16th January at 7.30pm in Winton House, High St, Petersfield. Tickets are £4 or £2 for concessions.

The Transition website describes it as “… In Transition 2.0 is an inspirational immersion in the Transition movement, gathering stories from around the world of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. You’ll hear about communities printing their own money, growing food everywhere, localising their economies and setting up community power stations. It’s an idea that has gone viral, a social experiment that is about responding to uncertain times with solutions and optimism. In a world that is awash with gloom, here is a story of hope, ingenuity and the power of growing vegetables in unexpected places. …” http://www.intransitionmovie.com/about/

Afterwards we’ll have a discussion about the ideas in the film and how we might learn from them.

Walk and Pick

Six of us set off from Steep Church on Saturday to see what fruit we could find. Plenty of blackberries, some elderberries in places, two apple trees, and a wild plum with few accessible fruit.

It was good to see people from our mailing list joining activities for the first time, and it encourages us to arrange similar walks in the future

Walk and pick 7th September

We’ve just been testing the route for the ‘walk and pick’ – the idea is to have a walk through some of the glorious countryside we’re fortunate to have nearby, and pick some of the glorious wild fruit available as we pass. At the moment, there are large quantities of blackberries, quantities of elderberries, some crab apples, rose hips, wild plums and sloes out there.

We’ll be starting at 2pm (unless more people can make 10.30am) from the Hangers Way signpost on Steep Common, opposite Steep Church lychgate,  grid reference SU745 253, and the walk should last about two hours, returning to our start.

What to bring?

You will need stout shoes or walking boots, clothes that can withstand elderberry stains, collecting pots, and a walking stick or similar with a crook for reaching inaccessible branches.

What can I do with it all?
You can (of course) eat blackberries raw, or cook them in a pie or crumble with the apples. You can make  jams or jellies with all of these  – sloe and apple jelly is very good. You can turn them into wine – blackberry and elderberry will give you a full bodied red wine in about 6 months. Be careful to remove all the hairy seeds from any rosehips as they’re highly irritant – hey were a key ingredient in itching powder! You can. of course, freeze them until you’re ready to do all this.

August meeting

We met again at Amanda’s, arranging the stall on the Bank Holiday, and planning our next film and energy Day.

Here are the Greening Petersfield meeting 13 August 2013

June business meeting

Here are the minutes of last night’s meeting:

Greening Petersfield meeting 11 June 2013

few of us there – maybe at the ‘Green Deal’ meeting instead which clashed, but still a lot to talk about

Himalayan balsam on ashford stream by allotments


In preparation for next weekend’s Himalyan Balsam pulling, two of us checked the situation by the allotments. By the railway embankment there’s not much – the main plant is red campion, not to be confused! By the stream, young balsam plants form a carpet (see picture) they’re not yet in flower, but in places are waist high. We’ll need a petrol mower or strimmer for these; other areas will need hand pulling